About Us

We help digital agencies since 2019, and we keep growing.

We are creative people who love to think outside the box, and work with people like you, to create awesome things! We have a sustainable first mindset, meaning we treat our clients like we care for our cats (yes, we love cats). Our client is not just a game of bars and numbers.

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Available soon:   Digital agency's social media & community optimizer.

Our services are mainly about social media: managing & growing.

Headquarter Address:

84 Lynden Rd, Brantford
ON N3R 6B8

(519) 757-1441
healthy work

Healthy Productivity

We believe that productivity and healthy is important duo. We can do more with less time. That means we can take on harder, more important tasks.

work life balance

Work-Life Balance

We are applying it in the company. Everyoone will have enough time to sleep properly and eat well. And also not worrying about work when we are already at home.


Our Client...

Is not always right. Many times policies are put into place that customers aren't even aware of that are meant to assist them and enhance the customer experience.


  1. Julie J. Roy
  2. Flynn Strele
  3. Seth Lock
  4. Tayla Goble
  5. Alana Badger


We also work with several contributors to provide article and resource for us.